Adhesive tapes

Tapes are firmly established in the packaging sector of the industry representing an integral part of many packaging solutions. The carrier material is biaxially oriented polypropylene(PP) which is provided with an adhesive layer. The material guarantees high temperature tolerance. Basically tapes are used to complete packaging in boxes or other cardboard and plastic packaging.

Tapes are suitable to be applied manually or by specific tools. Standard colours are transparent, brown and white. This product meets liquidation norms for packaging material and is fully recyclable.

We also supply printed tape to your requirements to support your marketing strategy.

We supply 3 types of adhesive tapes:

  • Acrylic: water soluble acryl base. This material provides fast achievement of 100% adhesion. It is not suitable for low temperatures.
  • Hot melt: rubber based adhesive. 100% adhesion is somewhat delayed but the material is less temperature sensitive than the acrylic type.
  • Solvent: rubber base with additional adhesives. Very effective with maximal adhesion and highest quality. Extremely temperature resistant showing great performance even at lowest temperatures.