Bubble Wrap


A modern, hygienic, foldable, flexible and easy to use material. Bubble wrap is ideal for surface protection, as a protective layer, for cushion forming and for filling hollow space. Often bubble wrap is the optimal replacement for PE film or cardboard sheets and pads with supreme flexibility and mechanical protection.

  • rolls
  • sheets
  • bags & sacks

Bubble wrap is easy to use, very light, 100% recyclable, humidity resistant, flexible yet durable, reusable and has good insulating qualities. Bubble wrap can be enhanced against tearing with laminated paper, poly film or foam film. We deliver bubble wrap in form of rolls, sheets and on order, we produce bags and sacks.


Practical use

Standard bubble wrap has bubbles with 9.5-10 mm diameter and 4.0 mm height:

This type of bubble wrap is used preferably for protection of various products during transport. Typical would be furniture, porcelain, glass, electronic parts or spare parts.

Bubble wrap with bigger bubbles with 30 mm diameter and 12 mm height:

This type of bubble wrap is used preferably for filling of hollow space or for the transport of easily breakable products, alternatively also for heavy subjects. Typical would be laboratory glass items, electronic equipment, heavy spare parts and similar.