Strapping, strapping tools and accessories

Packaging straps offer a wide range of use, from strapping corrugated boxes to strapping of transport goods, building material etc. From very small to huge dimensions placed on pallets the best suitable strapping material provides the desired stability. The application is made either manually or with strapping tools. The straps can be connected using various methods, from warm fusing to ultrasound and finally mechanical clamps. The material is ecologically non-hazardous, recyclable, increases productivity and fits to form of the transported goods.

We diversify strapping products by material(PP, PET, PES and steal).

PP straps are most commonly used for fixing transport goods on pallets, fixed either manually or using strapping tools. They are warm fused or clamped. The decisive qualities of PP straps are the light weight and high tensile strength.

PET straps are easy to use, flexible, damping collisions during manipulation of transport goods, non-corrosive, UV resistant and don’t split. They are also fully recyclable.

PES straps are primarily used for heavy transport goods. They provide maximum tensile strength and yet sufficient elasticity for material movement compensation. They can be connected with clamps exclusively.

Steel straps are used for extreme tensile loads and provide maximum stability.

We supply various tools and accessories with our strapping material, like strapping tools, tensioning tools, unrolling tools and clamps, specifically for each type of strap.